Newsletter Based on Neil Wright’s New Book                   March 2018

One Race, the Human Race, Now! 

Jacob Zuma resigns, and Cyril Ramaphosa becomes President.  Wow!  My book was waiting for this, it is written for the new era…

It is an idealistic call, the title of the book, the time has come to place this ideal in focus and start the discussion process. The book is in two parts covering socio, economic and politics in part one, and in part two a Key area, somewhat neglected and misunderstood  the practice of management.

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Numbers in Time in World History

2016 23rd June, the day the British Public voted by a simple majority of 52% in a turnout of 72% to leave the European Union. EU.

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One Race, the Human Race, Now!

A massive number of books are flooding our bookshops on the doom and gloom of our economy, predictions of a failed state, free fall, etc.

One Race, the Human Race, Now! takes a different perspective. Written in two parts, it covers the following: 

Part One’s focus is: Let’s get the relationships right and all else will follow. It can only happen by embracing the ideal of “One Race, the Human Race....” with the challenge being in the Now. Where are we in the world today? Some in depth information in our human history to help us with ..where are we going as a nation and a world? 

Part Two focuses on the importance of management practice and its role in transformation. The majority of South Africans under the old apartheid government were denied participation in what was changing the world – the concept of management practice. Good, functional, achieving organisations do not just happen....especially not by simply owning assets; it needs the enterprise of Practising Managers.

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Numbers in Our Lives Part One & Two, First Edition

An astonishing book …nobody has put together such a comprehensive set of numbers in eighteen chapters, capturing all the essential numbers  applying to modern living in South Africa, informative, creating awareness.

The author takes the subjects from the beginning, describing historic developments – even the origins of numbers themselves. The book is a must have for all households in South Africa.

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Carrier Value

‘Carrier Value’ refers specifically to the motor carrier industry. There are other carriers, for example, rail, airways, ships and pipelines. All are part of the bigger group of activities known as logistics and although I have confined my writing to the motor carrier industry, much of the content could apply to other types of carriers.

This book should be of interest to anyone in the management of a logistics function. Almost all businesses, institutions and government bodies have a logistics function in some form or other; therefore this book is focused at a broad market.

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Meeting Carl Roberts

This book gives a vivid insight into one of South Africa's best known sculptors and the art he has created. The book is a gallery of Carl's work, with many of his art pieces artistically portrayed in the text of the book and others in the gallery section. Some 200 pictures in all are included, representing most of Carl's important works to date. An informative and sensitive analysis is given of Carl's art. The account draws on Carl's academic training and relates his work to historic developments in the art world.

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Following & Leading in Management South Africa

Following, in this book is essentially about the management of oneself, and leading is about the management of others.

“Following & Leading in Management in South Africa” follows and complements my first book; “Carrier Value”. Carrier Value was based on my experience in the Road Transport Industry. This new book covers the major management concepts that arose in my thirty years in business. I quote many of the leading management authorities. Some like Peter Drucker were founding fathers of this age of management.

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A Potter's tale in Africa

The book was launched appropriately at Durban’s famous art centre, the KZNSA in Bulwer Road in 2010. David Basckin who wrote the foreword in the book gave the address.

This book is a celebration of Andrew Walford and his work. For nearly 50 years, Andrew has continued to produce his famous ceramics from a studio in the picturesque area of Shongweni. Many will have taken a scenic drive to Andrew’s place for his exhibitions and the biryani lunch.

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"It's Better to Laugh"

Good humour provides some spice in our lives? “It is Better to Laugh” is James McNaughton’s collection of stories from the Eastern Cape.  Growing up in the Karoo near Graaff-Reinet, James went to school in Grahamstown and now he and Gill his wife live on the Western Cape coast at Sedgefield.

James McNaughton tells the stories and shares other historic developments in his life.  Farmers in the Eastern Cape are renowned for their story telling and James is one of the best. He must be thanked for taking the time to write it all down and to entertain us.

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