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Numbers in Time in World History

2016 23rd June, the day the British Public voted by a simple majority of 52% in a turnout of 72% to leave the European Union. EU.

Number in money and personal finance

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14 Jul 2016

a) from Warren Buffet.

Berkshire Hathaway (BH) the investment corporation managed by Warren Buffett as CEO and Charlie Munger as Chairman.  

Some interesting numbers:
  • BH, 25 years ago was trading at $8. 075, the current price is $218. 530.  This gives a compound annual return of 14.1%.
  • Warren Buffett’s personal wealth is $62 billion.  His annual salary is $100 000.
  • Warren Buffett is 85 years of age and his Chairman is 92.  At the BH Annual Shareholders Meeting at Omaha, he said there were 45 000 women over 100 years old in the USA and 10 000 men.  He quipped that if he wanted to improve the odds of himself making 100 he had better have a sex change.
  • Buffett’s formula for success – he only works with people he likes and admires – this is from a humble person.  He treats shareholders big and small as equals.
  • Buffett believes you don’t require a high IQ to choose a good investment, but emotional control and the temperament to avoid self-destructive behaviour.
  • After 50 years of managing money they dutifully stick to the axiom “Success must be fairly won and wisely used.”
Taken from David Shapiro’s column in the 4/5/2016 edition of The Times.

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